13th International Conference on Network and Service Management
Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 26 - Nov. 30, 2017

About Shinjuku

Shinjuku is one of the most famous areas in Tokyo, where Tokyo Metropolitan Government is located, and there are various activities’ hubs of Japan such as culture, business, shopping, food, etc.  Shinjuku has many sightseeing spots.  Kagura-zaka, which is 1km away from the university, preserves old cityscape where the traditional buildings and restaurants remain.  Shinjuku Gyoen, which is 2km away from the university, is a national garden of Japan.  It combines landscapes of British, French, and Japanese.  In addition, around Shinjuku Station, there are several major sightseeing spots, for example, Samurai Museum where you can see Samurai armour, helmet, sword, etc.  Also, you can enjoy international foods as well as Japanese foods.  In Waseda campus, you can visit museums called Aizu Museum where you can see many cultural assets, and Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum where you can see histories and collections related to theatre.

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