CNSM 2023 Registration

Author registration for full/short/poster/demo papers, mini-conference papers, and workshop papers is due on September 26, 2023. The deadline for advance non-author registration is October 6, 2023.

For any request or issue regarding Registration, please contact the Registration / Publication Chair (

Author Registration and Attendance Policy

  • Every paper accepted at CNSM 2023, and the workshops must have an associated registration at the Author rate.
  • For each paper – this applies for all full, short, poster, and demo papers of CNSM 2023, mini conference and workshops included – at least one co-author must be registered as author (Author rate) to secure the paper’s publication.
  • All presenters must be registered either at Author rate, or as Participant if the paper is already covered with another Author registration.
  • The registration of a single co-author as author (Author rate) will secure the publication of up to three papers from the same co-author.
  • All papers have to be presented by their co-authors. CNSM 2023 reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference, if the paper presentation condition is not met.
  • All the Registration Fees (rates) given in the tables below are in US Dollars.

Registration Fees

Full Conference Registration (Main Conference, Mini-Conference, and AnServApp Workshop)

Author and non-author full conference registration (for codes FC:A, FC:M, FC:M-L, FC:NM, FC:NM-L) provides access to the 4-day technical sessions, to the welcome reception, and conference dinner.

Conference dinner tickets, which takes place Wednesday, November 1, 2023, can be purchased for accompanying persons HERE (option: XE:XE) at the cost of $110.

Full Conference Registration (Main Conference, Mini-Conference, and Workshop)
Before 27 Sept 2023
Advance Registration (before 7 Oct 2023)
Late Registration (after 7 Oct 2023)
Author (Main, mini, short, poster, or demo) $750.00
Option: FC:A
Member (IEEE, ACM) $750.00
Option: FC:M
Option: FC:M-L
Non-Member $800.00
Option: FC:NM
Option: FC:NM-L
Student Member (IEEE, ACM) $450.00
Option: FC:SM
Option: FC:SM-L
Student Non-Member $500.00
Option: FC:SNM
Option: FC:SNM-L
AnServApp Workshop

Workshop registration provides access only to the workshop sessions.

The author rate (WS:A at $200) is valid only for workshop papers.

Workshop Registration (One Day)
Before 27 Sept 2023
Advance Registration (before 7 Oct 2023)
Late Registration (after 7 Oct 2023)
Author (Workshop) $200.00
Option: WS:A
Member (IEEE, ACM) $200.00
Option: WS:M
Option: WS:M-L
Non-Member $250.00
Option: WS:NM
Option: WS:NM-L
Student Member (IEEE, ACM) $125.00
Option: WS:SM
Option: WS:SM-L
Student Non-Member $150.00
Option: WS:SNM
Option: WS:SNM-L