Papers accepted and presented at CNSM workshops will be published open access on the conference Web site with IFIP copyright, and will be submitted for inclusion in IEEE Xplore, ACM and IFIP Digital Libraries.

EI 2021

1st International Workshop on Edge Intelligence (EI 2021)

The focus of EI2021 is to provide an overview of the works carried out so far in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques applied at the Edge of 5G&B and the 6G future networks.

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3rd International Workshop on High-Precision, Predictable, and Low-Latency Networking (HiPNet 2021)

HipNet aims to provide a forum to discuss challenges and present work-in-progress and solution approaches to deliver/manage/control/monitor/measure on high-precision and predictable networks such as (Ultra) Low-Latency networks, deterministic networks, 6G, etc.

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1st International Workshop on Zero-Touch Network and Service Management (ZNSM 2021)

ZNSM aims at providing an international forum to discuss and address the challenges deriving from automation in the delivery and operation of networks and services through the use of analytics and AI-based models to perform decision making at all levels of operations: optimize resource sharing, reduce resource capability consumption using flexible and adaptivenetwork service provisioning, and support new deployment models while ensuring smooth service continuity, SLA-compliance and end-to-end automation of the management and orchestration of network services and resources.

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1st International Workshop on Network Programmability (NetP 2021)

The NetP workshop aims at openly discussing new trends and open issues in network programmability, both at node-level and at network-level. This includes the design of high-level languages and associated tool chains for specifying network and nodes behaviors, automated methods and tools for validating both control and data plane operation; protocols for network programmability like Segment Routing; programmable data plane architectures, hardware platforms, software execution environments; network applications addressing open problems in traffic engineering, measurement, and problem diagnosis.

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